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Director of Photography.

You might ask why do I split the disciplines of Camera operator and Cinematographer? It’s mainly because I see them as two separate roles that often can blend into each other.

First off let’s ask our friend Wikipedia what a Cinematographer is:

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Being a DOP usually requires a lot of preparation and planning ahead of the shoot. On-set a DP is often supported my more crew and real emphasis is given to the look of what is being shot and the style. This can be very different to a Lighting Camera Operator.

The end result is normally highly finessed with just as much focus going into post-production than the production itself. Jobs are normally more expressive, creative, artistic and usually a heightened version of reality. While jobs usually require a lot more time, the results are normally more impactful and represent someone’s true skills as a DOP.

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