A bit about me

Chris Hood

Many will say I like to talk but it’s not often I have to talk about myself. However, if there was ever a place that I had to talk about me and my work then a website about me and my work is probably it. So here goes.

The early years

My Background.

I went Freelance in 2015 but not after having being Head of Marketing and Video Production at a successful toy company for 8 years before that. I started making in-store videos that would play by the product to advertise them. Over the years that turned into a full marketing job covering PR, Social, Websites and what I loved the most, advertising. Filming national TV adverts each year (one that can be seen opposite) and being able to be the Cinematographer (Director of Photography) on set was what I would always look forward to the most.

Whilst this was fun, eventually I wanted to expand my knowledge as I realised, whilst I was very good at creating strong advertisements, I didn’t know how to light an interview, shoot a narrative or film music videos so I decided to enter the world of the self-employed and became a Freelance Director of Photography and Cinematographer. I didn’t, however, want to offer my services too specifically as I was still interested in the corporate side and also had talent for Jib Operating  and Camera Operating. Which leads me nicely onto my next point…

What keeps me busy?


My 4 main disciplines!

Freelance Director of Photography

From TV Ads to Branded Content

This role is the most rewarding in my eyes. Spending time creating an image into what you know will become something special. Freelance DoP jobs are normally longer jobs that require working in a bigger team which is always enjoyable and satisfying.

See my take on it being a Director of Photography by clicking the button below.


Freelance Camera Operator
Cameraman / Videographer

Turn up & film, while still making it look great

I love working with my corporate clients. Cinematography jobs, while regular, won’t always keep me busy so I like to keep my foot in the corporate market too. The jobs are normally quicker than DP jobs so can fill in my time nicely. I also like to think I’m quite good at them as they require a different way of thinking and operating when compared to cinematography.


Freelance Photographer

A hobby turned profession

Where it all began! Since I was young, I was always a keen photographer, taking way too many lenses on holiday to get that shot that others around me wouldn’t be able to get. So, by the time I was working in Video Production I already had a full kit that I wanted to put to use.

While the art is similar to Cinematography the technicalities are different so it’s a skill I like to keep sharp and once again creates variety within my job. Now I shoot for well-known brands and multiple agencies.

Combining video & photography in the same shoot is becoming more and more common too.

See my photography page for more detail.

See Photography portfolio

Jib and Polecam Specialist

Rise 6 meters & elevate your productions

Being the owner of a 6m Polecam system, this skill will often blend with Cinematography and DP work. It’s something I’ve always been good at and represents a niche within the market. A Jib can give you shots like nothing else and I’ve never had a client not be impressed with what it can achieve.

It’s a real discipline that isn’t that common and I still love being part of a small group of owner operators who offer this service professionally.

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Lets talk.

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